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Cold demarcation equipment of traffic lines, trademark ELGIMAQ ® model EGM-CAF-800L Sprinter, Kia or alike, also trucks VW 8-150 / 13-180, as slightly different as it can be, having a front cabin with a minimum distance between axis of 3,90m.


Demarcating equipment of traffic lines, for automatic application of cold paint with glass beads by
combined system, which demarcates simultaneously
continuous or discontinuous lines of axis and lines of edges, prepared to demarcate both of them simultaneously with a single layer.

The engineering and multiple usage of such equipment, only allow new spaces (without painting) to be previously marked in its axis, which is not required to be done on the edges.


1. Platform, of 4,50m x 2,20m, metal built, with wrinkled plates and tubes assembled over a metal built structure, equipped with a back lid, ladder, tool box and complete coverage.

We point out how important are the advantages of the coverage over the whole platform, which fully protects the materials, accessories in general and the working team against bad weather.

2. Two tanks of paint, with capacity for 250 to 400 liters for each, provided with a complete safety device, hydraulic drive beater with blades that continuously rubs out the walls of the tanks, shaking completely the paint herein and feeding two independent tubing, allowing a simultaneous two color painting.

3. Pressurized tank for glass beads, with capacity for 250 Kg, with proper outlets to feed the guns of glass beads, equipped with safety valves, and manometer for measuring the pressure.

4. Tank of thinner, with capacity for 15 liters coupled to the paint system, which, by means of pressure, activates the tube system, hoses and the spray guns, doing a perfect cleaning job at the end of the day (see the manual for technical instructions on the equipment).

5. Control Panel, with all the control and regulating valves, assembled strategically to be more easily handled by the worker, provided with the following instruments:

* Regulating/lubricating filter assemblage;
* Compressor manometer;
* Pulverizing pressure manometer;
* Manometer for the paint tanks pressure
* Electronic programmer which allows any cadence in a fast and easy way.

6. Hydraulic system, with power assumption coupled to the gear box, to activate an hydraulic pump that feeds two hydraulic subsystems which are:

* Hydraulic driving unity systems for paint bases;
* Paint tank beater systems;

7. Diesel Engine, with 38 HP, water cooled to activate the compressor;

8. Air compressor, which rate of flow goes from 100 pcm to 175 Ib/pol2, provided with a retainer valve in the inlet which has approximately 15 liters and a safety valve under the technical patterns of safety, and a central manometer for the controlling and measuring of the work pressure.

The compressed air, which leaves the compressor, passes through a filter where it lays its remaining particles and water, purifying all the air in the network of the lubricator. The central manometer indicates the air pressure available and releases the power take-off to the pressure regulators, all provided with manometers indicating the regulated pressures, according to the need of the operation.

The outlets of such regulators feed the following:

* Paint tanks: The air pressure will force the outlets of the tanks through separate hoses until reaching the respective spray guns;

* The paint pulverization inside the spray guns provides a more regular layer of painting;

* On/off switch system of spray guns by solenoid valves of 12 v/cc.

9. Automatic spray guns of painting, three (03) from Kamber , of great yield and interchangeable nozzles of inflexible hard metal, operated individually by pneumatic action at distance, which can paint lines from 10 to 30 cm of width with uniform thickness.

10. Automatic spreading spray guns of glass beads, three (03) from Elgimaq, put strategically in relation to the spray guns, so that they allow the constant and uniform spreading of the glass beads over the paint being applied, at any speed, only regulating the tank pressure.

The painting assemblages (paint/glass beads) are assembled in the pantographic bases, being two at the left (axis) and one at the right (edges), allowing the operation in the right direction of the lane (right).

11. Manual spray gun of painting, one (1) from Kamber model 8 HR, of great yield, with interchangeable nozzles, inflexible hard metal and extensor of 400 mm.

12. Manual spreading spray gun of glass beads, one (1) from KAMBER, for a better reflecting finish of lines and symbols demarcated manually.

13. Guide with adjustable arrows indicating the two lines, positioned in such way that the worker aligns precisely and easily the assemblage of the spray guns with the previous demarcation.

14. Pantographic paint bases, two with hydraulic directing movement (horizontally) and pneumatic (vertically), for the left and right spray guns, driven to lower and upper the ground assemblages.

The Hydraulic driving unit system, helps the worker with the compensation job that might not be possible due to lack of space of the truck guide.

15. Electronic programmer of cadence, which commands automatically the spray guns on the paintings of discontinuous lines (traced), according to a previously determined cadence.

16. Signaler, consisting of a double arrow shaped panel blinking alternately, both right and left directions, located on the upper back part, easily visible, with more protection for the working crew and more safety for the user road.

17. Productivity:

Landing strip workers (*) 5 persons .
Setup/Preparation of the equipment 25 minutes.
Speed of the operation 6 km/h.
Consumption of paint by m2 0,6 litres.
Consumption of glass beads by m2 0,300 kg.
Productivity over a full time working 3.200 m2.

(*) Drivers, operators, markers and helpers.

Note: We inform that the numbers above are the usual ones provided by the Signaling Brazilian Market We warn that factors such as planning, logistics, working people, quality of materials and signaling of protection are determined by productivity.

18. Summary of the main accessories:

1 Electronic programer of cadences
1 Compressor 100 pcm.
1 2 tanks of 400 liters each (presurized)
1 Tank for glass beads of 250 kg (presurized)
3 Automatic hot spray guns for painting.
3 Automatic spreading spray guns of glass beads
1 Manual spray gun of painting
1 Manual spreading spray guns of glass beads

19. Dimensions of the equipment:

Length 4,50 m.
Width 2,20 m.
Height 3,20 m.
Weight aprox. 2.300 kg.


* The engineering of the components used herein are strictly under the standards and patterns of the Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (ABNT); however, we can analyze the possibility of building this equipment under the patterns of the country in which it will be worked on.

* Any changes concerning the capacity or lay-out of the original project can be made, as long as with previous consultation and further cost evaluation.

* Normally, this equipment is supplied full including the truck used however, is possible to produce all the sets and components of this in our Plant and, later to export them to the customer with specialized team to assemble over a truck of your choice. This possibility will add to the price of the product, the costs with tickets, lodging and feed of this team, during the period when occurs the assembly.

The products that we are offering are registered with patent required in the National Institute of Propriedade Industrial (I.N.P.I.), and its partial or total reproduction, of the concepts or the design, are protected by the Federal Law nº 9.279 of 14 of May of 1996 that it regulates the relative rights and obligations to the industrial property.

Elgimaq News:

New device for painting metal fenders and new jersey for cold painting, vertical, paint gun and glass beads. Suitable for painting the fender installed on the highway.

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